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Anti matter is a is a neonoir, scifi feature, written and directed by keir burrows. Quibbles aside, the movie is consistently involving because it invites the viewer to. Philip roths novel the plot against america is a masterwork of counterfactual history, a whatif story in which charles lindbergh, the aviation hero and nazi sympathizer, is elected. It is the type of tale those of us with a lifelong admiration for such literary masters as ray bradbury, michael chrichton and jules verne always find an absolute joy to sit through. Yet, on a tiny budget and with a cast and crew made up of burgeoning talent, it is a film that must be admired for its. To their credit, the moviemakers signal right away that this isnt a film that adults can use as an electronic babysitter. Get anti matter dvd and bluray release date, trailer, movie poster and movie stats. The story follows her increasingly desperate efforts to understand what happened, and to find out who or what is behind the rising horror in her life. The dialogue is liberally peppered with fwords, and the more exaggerated jokes about corporate hypocrisy are reminiscent of nonchild friendly satires like dr. After an experiment gone wrong, one woman finds that her voyage through a wormhole has done more lasting damage than she possibly could have imagined. Anti matter displays ingenious science fiction storytelling on a micro. Featuring a wellwritten script and outstanding plot development, anti matter leads you down a path of discovering how deep the. Anti matter is a hugely ambitious film that soars as often as it falls flat.

For a movie whose three main characters are of the technologicallyinclined ilk, anti matter does not fall into any of the infuriating tropes that mainstream movies have spent decades inventing. With a current rotten tomatoes score of 87%, anti matter is reminiscent of christopher nolans award winning film memento 2000, seasoned with elements of shane carruths critically acclaimed feature, primer 2004, and jacob gentrys synchronicity 2015. The dark science fiction film anti matter 2017 opens with ana. In a haunted tale, the film starts out with a nightmare during a thunderstorm. Dark matter is a 2007 american drama film and the first feature film by opera director chen shizheng, starring liu ye, aidan quinn and meryl streep. Despite a few plot points which dont quite add up, there is more than enough to. The atoning is a daunting new thriller by writerdirector michael williams, that stars michael lacour, virgina newcomb and cannon bosarge as an unfortunate family of three. Anti matter is a scifi noir take on alice in wonderland tale. Spoiler a silly plot hole in the movie anti matter, or. Spawn is a comic book antihero created by industry heavyweight todd mcfarlane. A scientist faces the question of what makes us whole and if there is a part of us that is not part of this physical world when she discovers how to travel through a worm hole. But anti matter really aims to puff up appearances with colorful smoke swirls shooting through venetian blinds and active audio that wont stand for one second of silence. They could rewrite it to fit their styles, and each had final cut privilege. Ana, an oxford phd student finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole.

Anti matter is a neonoir, scifi feature written and. Anti matter exclusive interview with director keir burrows dread. In an astounding scientific breakthrough, oxford phd student ana succeeds in creating the worlds first artificial wormhole. Rapidfire indie scifi anti matter is more interesting than. The penchant for piling things on is truly seen whenever the movie adds another complication, whether for ana or. Yolanda vazquez, emma hanson, rachel waring, dan shelton, harrie hayes, yaiza figueroa, philippa carson, tom barberduffy, noah maxwell clarke, james farrar, casey lawler, holly joyce, julia savill, joseph teague, molly bas, marietta melrose, shanice sewell. The story follows her increasingly desperate efforts to understand what.

For these reasons, crypticrock give anti matter 5 of 5 stars. Strangelove and network upon learning that it will take ten years for the pigs to grow, a reporter moans. Also sign me up for fanmail to get updates on all things movies. New source of asymmetry between matter and antimatter. The story follows her increasingly desperate efforts to. Ana, an oxford phd student, finds herself unable to. Ana yaiza figueroa is an oxford phd student doing research into the effects of emp on battery electrolytes when she stumbles onto an.

With yaiza figueroa, philippa carson, tom barberduffy, noah maxwell clarke. This issue by the way is dealt with in heglands new book, virtual. Anamatter and anasoul have to find a way to reunite despite some deception by her coworkers. The characters are great fun to watch, and their confusion and desperation to find an answer to their predicament keeps the audience enthralled. Ana, an oxford phd student, finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole. In the early 90s, mcfarlane, along with some of the comic book industrys hottest talents including. Anti matter aka worm is a scifi noir take on the alice in wonderland tale. The indie sciencefiction movie anti matter sets itself apart from similar arty genre exercises by adopting a screwball comedy pace, and a visual style akin to a hyperactive action film. But this thing, although its probably not the best movie i ever saw no offense, this piece is already something. Anti matter begins with a bang, but it ends with a whimper. I imagine that down the road, with more resources at their disposal, they could. Anti matter alternately worm the first fulllength feature film by director keir burrows. Spoiler a silly plot hole in the movie anti matter, or is it something else.

The real meaning behind these confusing movie endings by looper staff dec. Rapidfire indie scifi anti matter is more interesting. The us release date of the movie anti matter is set to september 8, 2017. Anti matter trailer 2017 trailer for anti matter, starring yaiza figueroa, philippa carson, tom barberduffy and noah maxwell clarke. Anti matter trailer 2017 trailer addict movie trailers. Ana is smart, headstrong, and confident nowhere near the fumbling, socially awkward geek girl stereotype that most bigbudget movies seem to have. The film follows ana, a phd student at oxford who, during her research, stumbles. Anti matter the worm turns doing science can be cruel especially when you dont know what youre doing. Yaiza figueroa in anti matter 2016 anti matter 2016 yaiza figueroa and tom barberduffy in. Writerdirector keir burrows anti matter 2016 is smart, credible and entertaining science based fiction. When one has a very limited budget to make a movie, one has to mold the story to suit the. Measurement of matterantimatter differences in beauty baryon decays, nature physics 2017. Boasting impressive visuals and special effects, anti matter overcomes its familiar narrative aspects with an imaginative style that fully draws us. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing antimatter film festival near you.

The story is about a bunch of students performing an experiment who. His awardwinning screenplay tells the story of oxford phd student ana yaiza figueroa who, researching into physics which gets increasingly quantum, stumbles across what appears to be a. Ana, an oxford phd student, finds herself unable to build new memories following an. Starring yaiza figueroa, philippa carson, tom barberduffy, and noah maxwell clarke. Yaiza figueroa, tom barberduffy, philippa carson, noah maxwell clarke, yolanda vazquez, james farrar. Allison williams daughter of deposed nbc anchor and serial liar brian williams is a rich, liberal white girl living in new york city. The frightening lessons of philip roths the plot against.

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