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The palm treo 700p was a cell phone with advanced capabilities, commonly referred to as a. This includes carrierbranded dun software for sprint and verizon. Sprint mobile email work supports microsoft exchange 200020032007 accounts via your phones microsoft outlook client and lotus domino 6. You can use the versamail account with your sprint email account, as well as with other email accounts, such as yahoo. I bought my 650 a couple of days later from the sprint site. Palm has issued a new updater for the sprint version of the treo 650.

Using a 15 year old smart phone palm os treo 650 in 2019. Treo 650, the successor of treo 600, is a cdma phone also available in gsm version. This includes carrierbranded dun software for sprint and verizon, as well as the software for bell, telus and other carriers. It is recommended that all sprint treo 650 owners install this update. Familiar palm os software ships with the handset including calendar, calculator, clock, contacts, memo, and task management applications. Add wifi internet to a sprint palm pixi with a radio board swap. In an email, palmone stated the following regarding each version. The reason i am asking is bc i know with some of the smartphonespdas like the blackberry and windows mobile device, you can have ringbacktones.

The treo 700p is faster than the treo 650, and like the 650, it is able to play. Unlocking the sprint palm treo 650 july 2007 forums cnet. Use the treo 650s bluetooth capability to wirelessly sync your contacts with your pc or mac yes, mac. Usb dial up networking dun with palm os treo smartphones under windows vista usb dial up networking dun software for palm os smartphones is not compatible with windows vista at this time. A correctly designed connector would have worked great. I found out that most cell phones can be set to shut off automatically if it is set to battery saver or power save they should have told you at the store and helped you with this issue. The treo 650 from sprint combines the venerable palm operating system with a nicely designed handset that includes a. The rogers wireless treo 650 firmware update was quietly posted at the. Install the blackberry connect desktop application 10. This includes a number of improvements, the most significant of which makes this smartphone use memory much more efficiently. Software installed on my sprint cdma treo 650 nerocam.

Read on as we take a look at 10 great programs, as well as a few others, to enhance your treo smartphone experience. The palm treo 650 is a palm osbased smartphone, the successor to palms treo 600. Check out one of our comprehensive device protection solutions to secure, replace and repair your investment. Create your wireless sync account follow the instructions in this section to set up your wireless sync account. With the release of a palm os client for slingbox, verizon and sprint. Thank you for helping us maintain cnets great community.

I found a coupon for this when i was looking at the treo in one of the dallas sprint stores. Problem is i do not have a disk for the treo 650 software to hotsync, is there somewhere i can go to download the software. Because of the larger file sizes, some users upgrading to the treo 650 from the treo 600 were unable to fit the contents of their old device into the same amount of memory on the new device. Are palm treo 650 users allowed to have ringback tones. Treos had a number of integrated features such as the ability to check the calendar while talking on the phone, dial directly from a list of contacts, and send email messages. It simplifies your life by combining a compact mobile phone. Palm could have made the treo 650 with a more media friendly 3. Maximize a palm treo 750s power by closing programs. They were then manufactured and maintained by palm, inc. My cell phone was shutting itself off at the worst possible times too. Help with moving contacts from centro to treo 650 sprint.

Open internet explorer on the pc where hotsync is installed. The sprint pcs software store is your source for productivity and entertainment on palm powered and windows mobilebased smart devices from sprint. Smartphones treo 650 by palm sprint software downloads. To access the most current software downloads for your smartphone, select your phone from the images below. Palm sprint pcs service sprint pcs vision smart device treo manual 650. Sprint software downloads smartphones treo 755p by palm. In this article palm infocenter highlights some essential must have treo freeware applications. Ive owned my palmone treo 650 since december of 2004, and its taken me quite a while to get it just the way i want it, with all the software that makes it do exactly what i want it to. From bluetooth setup and device compatibility details to versamail and smartphone user guides, the online support will help you optimize the performance and productivity of your palm device. Palm treo 650 sprint intro when we made our wish list for the successor to the wellreceived treo 600, it was to keep the great design but add several missing features.

The 700p by virtue of its evdo capability can also play live streaming video including cable tv stations. Sprint software downloads smartphones treo 650 by palm. Ive owned my palmone treo 650 since december of 2004, and its taken me quite a while to get it just the way i want it, with all the software that makes it do. Sprint business treo 650 by palm noncamera version. Palm desktop software is included on the cd that comes in the box with your device. Find the latest software, setup guides and troubleshooting help for your palm treo 755p in one convenient online resource. Palm treo 755p midnight blue sprint smartphone for. Like purchase them through sprint digital lounge because these phones dont have a content manage. Sprint pcs service features shows you how to use the sprint pcs service features, such as voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding, as well as the how to use sprint pcs vision features, including sprint pcs picture mail sm. The treo 650 smartphone from palmone makes it easier than ever to stay connected.

Back to downloads homeview additional deviceshide additional devices. Overview treo 650 by palm your mobile device is your connection to the world and the gatekeeper to your personal data. Experience a world of digital audio information and entertainment on your treo 650 by palm. Its not perfectsome design quirks and a high price are among its drawbacksbut theres an awful lot to like here. My latest experience has been with my treo 650 using the latest update from palmone, treo 650 updater 1.

If your smartphone is not displayed, click view additional devices. Once youve completed these simple setup procedures, youll be ready to. The treo 650 is also a fully functional palm os device. There is a wealth of free and open source palm os software out there.

I have been hotsyncing my centro to my desktop and now would like to move all my contacts to the treo. I attempt to get a palm treo 650 a 15 year old smart phone running palm. Amazing laptops with free software and hardware kill switches. The treo 650 from sprint combines the venerable palm operating system with a nicely designed handset that includes a fairly usable qwerty keyboard and a vibrant display. I thought i would share my process for performing the rom update. Headsets, car kits and other wireless peripherals can also be paired with the unit via bluetooth. Must have treo freeware applications palm software, news. When it comes to talk time i have gotten more then five hours talk time on the treo 650. Setting up your treo 650 smart device 2 welcome to your treo 650 smart device before you begin using your treo 650 smart device, there are a few simple steps youll need to take care of. Also, the treo 650 suffers from average audio quality, a. To remedy the initial complaints, palm offered a free 128 mb sd flash card to treo 650 users. Treo 600, 650, 680 and 700p as well as windows mobile treo 700w, 700wx and 750. The treo 700p was offered on sprint and verizon wireless in the united states. When the treo 700w on verizon came out at the beginning of january 2006, it made quite a stir since it was the first windows mobile rather than palm os treo.

Find the latest software, setup guides and troubleshooting help for your palm treo 650 in one convenient online resource. How to use a palm treo 650 smartphones gadget hacks. Treo 650 sprint cdma users can now access the sprint software update and installation instructions. The palm os treo line had nearly defined the pda phone market with its great ergonomics, ease of use and crossplatform syncing ability. The treo 700p is faster than the treo 650, and like the 650, it is able to play video from downloads using third party software such as tcpmp. Setting up your sprint pcs vision smart device treo tm. The bad sadly, the palm treo 650 has meager integrated memory, no builtin wifi, and a cumbersome bluetooth setup. They had hardly begun stocking the treo 600 when sprint announced the 650 now sprint has their first 650 rom update out and itll be end of mayearly june at the earliest before verizon has their 650with all indicators basically pointing to a fall launch by the time its all said and done.

This site is supported from advertising revenue, software purchases, and donations from people like you. Treo 650 handset, lithiumion battery, usb hotsync cable, headset, ac charger, user manual, software cdrom. It discusses a great example of an open source application in the palm community called cryptopad. Find the latest software, setup guides and troubleshooting help for your centro in one convenient online resource. Last week palm released a few important software updates and. I had a palm centro and just purchased a used treo 650. Developed as an upgrade to an older version of the palm treo device for sprint and verizon, the palm treo 700p, the palm treo 755p sprint smartphone in midnight blue features sturdy hardware, a durable battery, and the latest technology that will make it one of your most valued accessories and digital devices. If you use palm desktop software, do not add time zones to your to automatically assign a events. Looks like the long awaited treo 700p is now availble, but not on sprint yet as expected, but on verizon. There is so many programs for the palm source software, that you will be able to max out the performance on. It features 65k stn display, bluetooth, builtin vga 680x480 camera, qwerty keyboard, mmcsd memory expansion slot and palm os 5.

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