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The q3 mark ii aka q3 mark 2 is part of a new line of ghost boxspirit box designs that utilize the parascape series gbe ghost box engine. Download ghost detector radar camera and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. I equipment, ghosthunterapps, huff paranormal scd1, gb1, gb rift, psi itc research app, ghost box banks app, joes box app,andres box app. The human body can act as an antenna as the spirits use the body to channel into the portal via the copper coil. Spirit story box iphone paranormal ghost hunting app. Paranormal researchers find again and again that they have recorded what seems to be intelligent answers. All ghost spirit hunting equipment we use in the carrying case.

Our equipment was not meant for another field like most others. The sbx 12 spirit box is a brand new tool for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations and is the most advanced spirit box on the market. This is the perfect computer program for anyone into ghost hunting or any other types of hauntings. Boobuddy interactive ghost hunting bear as a great alternative to the ovilus with even more features. We have been featured on shows such as ghost adventures, the holzer files, the lowe files, haunted towns, ghost brothers, paranormal lockdown, ghost hunters, the haunted, my ghost story, haunted live, ghost asylum, haunted australia and the 2015 feature film poltergeist and 2019. Psb7 spirit box itc research fmam ghost psb7 radio paranormal equipment uk 5 out of 5 stars product ratings product ratings psb7 spirit box itc research fmam ghost psb7 radio paranormal equipment uk. Evistr 16gb digital voice recorder voice activated recorder with playback upgraded small. In our opinion, the sv2 spiritvox app is the best spirit box app you can download right now. Paranormal equipment for sale in uk view 56 bargains.

Starter ghost hunting kit with ultimate ghost tech 3. Ghost hunting equipment including nightvision camcorders, sls camera and tablets with preloaded stickman apps, shadow tracker devices, rem pod triggers, haunted doll and bear triggers with rem static or emf. We highly recommend using a portal in conjunction with any spirit box. The gb2 is the first of a new line of ghost boxspirit box designs that utilize the parascape series gbe ghost box engine. Whether you are curious about spirit communication, are just getting your feet wet in the field of paranormal research, or you are a seasoned investigator, spirit story box has a place in your equipment arsenal. Gift guide for ghost hunters ghost hunting equipment. You can now download extra soundbanks, containing an extra 100 sound clip files at a time. You can buy with confidence at ghostwarepro with our unconditional customer satisfaction and same day shipping. Ghost box ovilus iiino longer availablewe recommend. Ghost hunting equipment uk cheap paranormal equipment.

According to paranormal investigators who utilize this technology paranormal entities are able to utilize the frequencies of the am radio stations to speak. The 4 best spirit box apps of 2019 paranormal school. To use this app on your android devices, get the amazon appstore app. This information is viewable only for reference to customers who purchased this product in the past. Evp recorders and spirit portal ghost boxes by infraready. So you want to be a ghost hunter i mean, who doesnt.

Sbox includes many other features to aid in making your investigations easier while providing quality evidence documentation. For best performance and because of limited memory of mobile devices, spirit box uses directly only. Shamans and spiritual leaders have provided a framework from our earliest times in understanding the things that occur outside the boundaries of the natural world. Click here to download the sv2 spiritbox app from the android store. Psb7 spirit box itc research fmam ghost radio and em pulse vibration box that heightens the energy so that the comunication is stronger. Gb2 gives the paranormal and itc instrumental transcommunication researcher the power of eight optimized audio channels. It is only available to download on windows, so it can be downloaded on any laptop or tablet that is windows. Jan 14, 2018 the q3 mark ii aka q3 mark 2 is part of a new line of ghost boxspirit box designs that utilize the parascape series gbe ghost box engine. The 5 best spirit boxes communicates with real ghosts. We work closely with some of the uks most respected paranormal grups to help develop and continually improve the equipment we. Classified as an instrumental trans communication itc paranormal device by extremesenses software. This coil, in steve huffs theory, can act as a conduit when held by the user during communication.

The afterlight box comes with both special chosen sound banks and internet radio stations. See more ideas about paranormal equipment, paranormal and ghost hunting. Xts spirit box is advance software for windows to help communicate with the spirits of the dead. Feel the thrill of hunting hicks alongside ralph bambillo, the deer with an attitude. Emf meter, full spectrum cams, evp recorder, trifield meter, laser grid, infrared nightvision ir lights, ghost hunter equipment and more. Ghost hunting paranormal investigation equipment thermal flashlight, full spectrum night vision infrared cameras, digital recorders, spirit box, emf detectors and more. It also has an ovilus type device built into the software which can. Online ghost box plays 1 second audio segments taken from physical ghost boxes then plays in a randomised order. Meet the next generation of paranormal apps designed from the ground up to meet the needs of paranormal investigators. Sb7 spirit box itc research device rev 04 evp paranormal. Ghoststop ghost hunting equipment sbox ghost scanner. This is widely used with good results and widely criticized. Jan 27, 2017 george brown is the creator of the geobox spirit box, and latterly the geoport spirit communication device, both of which have been used by nick groff and katrina weidman on season 2 of paranormal. This is something all new from ghosthunterapps which is detailed below on this page.

It isnt free, but its probably the closest you can get to connect with the spirit realm without actually purchasing an actual spirit box. Ghoststop ghost hunting equipment sbox ghost scanner spirit box. By sharing stories of others who have been hurt, along with the most current safety recommendations, we hope to help prevent accidents and illnesses. The afterlight box is a spirit box app that runs through the pc and can use both internet radio and sound banks as you prefer. The afterlight box was created by anthony mark and is free to download and try on the website extremesenses. Portal itc evp device spirit voices box gotchaghost. A portal amplifies evps coming through, which makes it possible to capture evps that would otherwise be too low to be audible. Having either a portal or a spirit box that has a built in amplifier significantly increases the amount of potentially intelligent communication during a paranormal investigation. The box received notoriety when it was used by the ghost adventures crew for the first time during an investigation at transallegheny lunatic asylum on october 30, 2009. On supported devices, the ghost is no longer visible through your hand. Ghost box e1 spirit evp for android free download and software.

If you are looking to contact a loved one or do some ghost hunting of your own, here are the best apps to download for your phone to help you out. The best spirit box session ever from my son must see duration. The sb7 spirit box is a must piece of equipment for any paranormal investigation. Phenvox ii free spirit box is an upgraded version of the older professional. Spirit box aka phone to the dead, franks box based on a constant scan of am or fm radio frequencies allowing spirits to use fragments of the noise produced to create words and phrases for real time communication. This itc device continuously scans fm and am radio bands which creates a flow of white noise. Download ghost hunting software for pc for free windows. Emf meter, full spectrum camera, evp recorder, spirit box, laser grid, k2, kii meter, paranormal gear. Ghoststop ghost hunting equipment ghost box ovilus iii 3. Ghost hunting equipment gear evp recorder, emf meter, full. Xparanormal spirit radio is program that attempts communication with spirits of the dead that could produce intelligible audio responses. Ghost hunting equipment and gear for paranormal investigators. Sep 24, 2018 the ghost box is a piece of equipment that scans rapidly through am radio stations at such a pace that it would be impossible to hear any particular station.

The spirit box is a relatively new piece of ghost hunting kit that was designed by frank sumption back in 2000 whilst he was carrying out his evp research. There are more than a fair share of spirit box apps available for download, but only a few that are reliable and decent. Ghost hunting equipment custom built for paranormal. Welcome our mission is to help keep paranormal investigators happily safe with recommendations, paranormal tools and equipment. Paranormal supplies home your paranormal source for. If you are new to this or have not been able to get results from other devices it may take some work. The portal comes with a coiled copper antenna attached to the ground sleeves of each connector cable. The theory is that spirit voices can manipulate the white noise, creating evp, that is electronic voice phenomena.

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