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The film is a mirror image of the zapruder film from the other side of dealey plaza, farris rookstool iii, a former fbi analyst in dallas, told the guardian. It has been described as showing the limo making a wide turn from houston st. There are many homemovie films of the jfk assassination. The famed zapruder film, showing the dallas shooting framebyframe, does its part to keep the fire burning, as everyone can now buy a copy of the digitally enhanced version of the film on video or cd. Theres also a slowmotion version on this video, where each of the film s frames were expanded to four interpolated frames. The fabled french other version of the famous zapruder film has finally surfaced. There has been much recent discussion and debate about the authenticity of the zapruder film of the assassination of president john f. In the zapruder film president kennedy is seen to react to three separate. The following frame proves with smoking gun evidence that the zapruder film was altered, and consequently required the involvement of the us government to murder its chief executive. The zapruder panels gained the kind of attention prof. Now, due to the advance of todays technology, that has changed. Frame 262 from abraham zapruders 8mm film of jfks assassination, dallas, texas, nov. The zapruder film seems to show the front of jfks head being blasted open by a shot.

Still by still, abraham zapruders home movie showed the world the assassination of president kennedy, but the most infamous frame was kept from view. Kennedys motorcade passed through dealey plaza in dallas, texas, on november 22, 1963. Zavada was world%27s leading expert on 8mm kodachrome ii film he concluded the film was an %27in camera original%27 and had not been altered conspiracy theorist continue to criticize zavada%27s work. Additionally, i am unsure as to whether zapruder shot the film attributed to him. The costella version of z343 is not as clear as this. The frame we present is 343, with credit to larry rivera, an expert kennedy assassination researcher. Abraham zapruder film the sixth floor museum at dealey. I linked to a stabilized version of the zapruder film of jfks assassination a few years ago but antony davison has made a version that presents the whole film in panoramic hd, resulting in an amazingly clear representation of the event.

Zapruder film 3rd dan rather cbs tv news description 25 nov 1963. Much of the evidence and argument in the book is laughably weak, incongruously so given that fetzer is a former professor of philosophy. Zapruder film, atentat na jfk addeddate 20160302 16. Heres the clearest view yet, a new motionstabilized and panoramic version of the zapruder film. Legendary cia photo interpreter dino brugioni thinks it was. Researchers like stewart galanor, who were lucky enough to see the film in the 1960s at a private screening in the u. The frame that gave abraham zapruder nightmares, the frame he insisted be withheld from the publica single frame of film that can be said to have changed american history and culture. Life correspondent richard stolley bought the film the following day, and the magazine ran 31 of the 486 frameswhich meant that the first public viewing of zapruders famous film was as a series of still images. This version takes the original 18 frame persecond film and interpolates it to 30 frames per second. The second shot, also from the depository, struck connally in the back. On the previous page we looked at david liftons discovery, back in the 1960s, that the wound to jfks head shown on the zapruder film is a fake more recently, scientists have discovered that there is something else about the shot to jfks head on the forged film that is fake and can be proved to be fake. Zapruder frames costella combined edit assassination research. Figure 2 shows the two zapruder film frames that captured the fatal shot. President kennedys arms are raised, in a locked position, in front of him, after the first bullet has struck.

There were heated debates in private email lists, then on internet newsgroups. Brief overview of zapruder alteration argument shackelford. The film shot by him, which later became famous as zapruder fim, contains 486 frames 26. Frame 262 from abraham zapruders linkedin slideshare. A french photo journalist who saw the film on several occasions does refer to it as an unedited version of the z film fwiw. Costella combined edit frames updated 2006 click on a frame number below to view the corresponding frame of the film, or click here to download all 486 frames in a single zip file 119 mb. In this article, i will be examining the images between the. Kennedy was shot and killed while traveling down elm street, dallas, texas, in an open car in a motorcade. He unexpectedly captured the shooting in a home movie while filming the presidential limousine and motorcade as it traveled through dealey plaza.

In january 2015 jim fetzer and i published new information on zapruder frame 343, where i discovered the magnitude of the blowout in the. Four hundred and eighty six frames later, zapruder had not only captured history, he had made it. Consistent vertical or horizontal separation points or uniform backgrounds within the zapruder film are virtually nonexistent because a the sequence is always in motion as zapruder panned with the motorcade, b the motorcade varies in size within the frame as it approaches and passes zapruders zoomedin lens, and c the shaky handheld. Larry rivera has discovered that those who cleaned up the zapruder film didnt see frame 343. It is the most famous home movie ever, and the most carefully studied image, an 8millimeter film that captured the death of a president. A close examination of the jfk assassination zapruder film. Fetzer edited, assassination science, was released, with a long chapter by dr.

Time magazine decided to create a list of the 100 most influential pictures ever taken. Zapruder film timeline the sixth floor museum at dealey. This unedited stabilized crystal clear version of the zapruder film is different than the film commonly seen by the american public. Government have lied about or covered up details of the assassination. Kennedys and king alexandra zapruder, twentysix seconds. Feinberg, wrote in their majority decision that the film made by mr.

Young writers diaries of the holocaust writes elegantly and with keen sensitivity about the toll the film took on her late father, henry, a lawyer who. The official story, straight from the horses mouth, of how the 58 yearold dallas tailor, abraham zapruder just happened to capture on 26 seconds and 486 frames of film, the most iconic assassination of the 20 th century is that as i was shooting, as the president was coming down from houston street making his turn, it was about a halfway down there, i heard a shot. Abraham zapruder may 15, 1905 august 30, 1970 was a ukrainianborn american clothing manufacturer who witnessed the assassination of united states president john f. The zapruder camera which captured kennedys assination on film. This one frame alone proves without qualification, codicil, or caveat that the zapruder film was altered. A much more plausible scenario, one that fits the constraints both of the zapruder film and tapes, as well as the medical and ballistics evidence, follows. In mark lanes film of his 1966 book rush to judgment1, several of the people who originally shot home movie films of the assassination, like orville nix, have stated that frames from the. To a large extent, the nontechnical aspects of that discussion revolve around the questions of when and where any substitution or. Jfk assassination film hoax a simple introduction on november 22, 1963, u. The visceral impression that the blast came from in front of. Mantik on zapruder film alteration, as well as a few others on the topic. How come no shooters were seen in the footage of john f. The above image, frame 312 of the zapruder film, provides us with a good profile of president kennedys head just a fraction of a second before the fatal head shot. Story behind the zapruder film it has been called the most important 26 seconds of film ever recorded, when a dallas dressmaker captured the 1963 assassination of.

New book twentysix seconds details how famed zapruder. Isbn 081269547x, puts forward the case for forgery. A chiropractor looks at the zapruder film lewrockwell. In the new release of the zapruder film by mpi home video, i have been examining the sprocket area of the film which, until this version of the film was released to the public in 1998, could be viewed only as a series of stills, but never as a motion picture sequence. Among the controversial aspects of the assassination of jfk has been the character and dimensions. Some say that additional frames from immediately before and after frame 3 have been removed from the zapruder film. As a result, the worlds first introduction to the zapruder film came in the form of framebyframe photographic images. There is more documentation of the actual digital conversion than there is of the actual event itself. And when you do that, you can see that there is a change in the countenance of connallys face. The zapruder film has been upgraded and reveals quite a bit of neverbeenabletosee footage of what will remain one of americas 8mm footage from a home camera. Each frame of the zapruder film covers just 118 of a second, but the frames start changing distinctly from one frame to the next. Deceit and deception in the death of jfk catfeet press, 2003.

The parkland hospital staff reported a large, avulsive wound in the right rear of kennedys head. Image of an assassination a new look at the zapruder film. Jfk assassination, frame 3 100 photographs the most. Frame 3 from abraham zapruders film of jfks assassination, dallas, texas, nov. The 26second zapruder film of kennedys assassination marked the. By jim fetzer and larry riveralarry rivera has discovered that those assigned to clean up the zapruder film missed frame 343, where jackies glove provides a background against which the defects outline becomes visible. This frame shows the presidents head exploding after being hit by the bullet. Click on a frame number below to view the corresponding frame of the film, or click here to download all 486 frames in a single zip file 119 mb. Because he was familiar with both of the crenshaw diagramsespecially the first of the two drawings, which shows the indentation of the defect in the skullhe realized that these frames provide extraordinary. In this film, brugioni speaks for the first time about his examination of the film at the cias national. Lawsuit seeks return of missing jfk assassination footage. This is exactly the part of the head that we can see and evaluate during succeeding. Unexpectedly, it ended up capturing the presidents assassination even though it is not the only film of the shooting, the zapruder film has.

Altering the zapruder film david healy editors note. Frame 3 of zapruder film famous photograph haunting. The first shot, from the depository, came at zapruder frame z177 and struck kennedy in the back. National archives, believed that this proved that jfk was killed by a shot coming from in front of him and to his right from the. Kennedys limousine has just turned onto elm street, moments before the first shot, and the president is apparently waving.

Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in new york city. He was a great fan of the president and he never quite got over the. Framebyframe study of the zapruder film for those with access to a cd. This video includes this image from the zapruder film at 4. I dont know if researchers are aware of this excellent rendition of zapruder frame 343 in the youtube video the murder of jfk a revisionist history part 9 at the 4.

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